Day 93

Decided to go camping/fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park for three days and ended up on the North Inlet Creek trail.  The hike starts leading away from the creek but comes back to it in a few spots, so at the first spot I saw the creek I put the rod in.  First cast of a winged ant and I got my first fish of the trip.  I cast another dozen times or so before I land another and am feeling pretty good about the fishing.  I hike in a couple of miles before I start looking for a campsite in the meadow by the creek.  As I am walking up I see a moose on the far side of the meadow, which I scare away almost immediately.

After setting up camp around 3:00pm I start fishing the meadow downstream for the afternoon.  I find a nice little pool and run to fish but can't get any action.  I tie on a bunch of different patterns when I finally get a fish after a good half hour at the same spot.  The rest of the day continued to be tough with almost no action and not one other fish caught.

Overall a pretty good day with 3 fish caught and a moose sighting. 

Rod:  Motsugo 9'
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Fly that worked:  Winged Ant