Day 94

I had such tough luck fishing down low I decided to hike up to the falls for the day and maybe do some fishing above the falls.  It was only about another mile and half to the falls but with a pretty good elevation change.  I get to falls and take a brake and have some lunch before I start fishing just above the falls.  

Just above the falls is pocket water, which is just perfect for me.  I start with a winged ant again and almost immediately land a fish.  I keep casting in the same area but to different pools and pull a fish out of almost every little pool.  Within the first hour I have caught ten fish or so and decide to move upstream and fish.

The creek turned into a meandering stream through a high open valley the further upstream I walked.  I start fishing the runs and far banks with great success before I tie on a purple parachute adams style fly.  Fish on! Fish on! Fish on! Fish on!  Twenty fish later the fly is shredded and I have had a great afternoon. 

It's getting late so I decide to head back down, fishing my way downstream.  To this point I have caught thirty fish and have decide to try to catch ten more on the way down.  It takes another hour or so but I finally get it done just above the falls.

I call it a day and start hiking back to camp when I come across a fox in the path.  It looks me over and casually walks around me like it's nothing.  Great end to a great day!

Rod:  Motsugo 9'
Line:  #3 Hi-Vis level Line
Flies that worked:  Purple Parachute Adams, Fire Orange Sakasa Kebari, Winged Ant