Day 96

Tried South Boulder Creek today with the flows around 35cfs the water was perfect for wading except that the water was freezing cold to stand in.  It was a cloudy day with a little breeze but still fairly pleasant.  I don't see any fish feeding on the surface but still wanted to dry fly fish so I tied on a yellow humpy and started fishing.  The first couple of spots offered no fish or action so I continued downstream.  I come across a far pool and start casting.  After a couple of casts I see a fish rise to the fly but not take it.  I cast to the same spot and boom! Fish On!  I catch a little 10" rainbow to get me off the snide.  I try a couple more spots with no luck before the rains come in.  With one fish caught I call it a day after a couple hours of fishing.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  3rd Gen. Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Fly that worked:  Yellow Humpy


  1. One fish is all you need to know you got it right?

    1. It is amazing how much better one fish feels than no fish!


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