Day 101

Wanted to try a new spot today, so we headed up to the Indian Peaks Wilderness to fish the South St Vrain Creek.  We park at the Niwot cutoff trail and fish between Brainard and Long Lake for the day.  We hike up the hill and then jump over to the river once we find a nice spot to fish.

Derron ties on a olive hopper(realistic) to start the day while I start with a yellow humpy.  I find some nice pocket water and start casting.  I get a couple sniffs but no takers and start the process of finding the right fly.  Derron meanwhile is killing it with the hopper, so I try the two different versions I have(both tan body).  Nothing!  I keep trying different patterns for the next couple of hours( because I did not have a olive hopper) with only one fish caught on a parachute adams that enticed the fish when I twitched it.  Derron has probably caught six in the first couple hours before we decide to walk up past long lake to try some fishing.

We get up just upstream of the lake and the stream is narrow and moving pretty fast.  The creek side is pretty brushy so we decide to walk back down and fish from long lake down to the car.  To start the second part of the day Derron gives me a olive hopper to try(which he offered early in the day) and see what I can catch.

Almost immediately I catch a fish and can officially say it's all about the fly.  I continue fishing downstream over the next couple hours and end up with seven for the day and six in the last couple hours with another few just missed.  Derron finishes the day with well over ten on one pattern, Olive Hopper!

We call it a day around 6:30pm and head home with a brief stop at Boulder Creek to try our luck.  After a couple of stops and no luck we call it quits and head home from a great day on the water.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Fly That Worked:  Olive Hopper(Realistic)


  1. I fished the South Fork and Long Lake a couple of years ago. The scenery there is so spectacular I believe I could spend the rest of my life just fishing there. That was in my pre-tenkara phase. Can't wait to get back there again with my Iwana.

    The Tenkara Ambassador

    1. It's still beautiful, but a little more crowded than I like.


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