Day 99

Derron and I decided to try Goose Creek for the day and see if it was fishing good yet.  We arrived around noon and started the hike down to the creek.  As soon as we met up with the creek I pulled the rod out and started casting in the first pool I saw.  Second cast in and I land a little brookie on a yellow humpy.  I find two more little pools nearby and land two more fish in about 3 minutes. 

I pack up the rod and we start hiking upstream to where we normally start.  The water was low compared to last year but still caught a couple in the top pool to start off.  I move to the little run just below and pick off a nice 9" brookie sitting in a shallow pool.  I land one more in some pocket water before I move down a little further.  Derron and fish down to the ponds with only a couple fish apiece through that section.

We get to the ponds and start fishing, Derron getting a lot of action while I take a little photo break.  I find a nice rock to fish from and start casting over a nice big pool with submerged rocks and logs.  Over the next half hour I catch eight more fish before the rains hit and we stop fishing for about a half hour.

After the rains I move to a different section of the ponds and pull out another four or five before heading to the bottom of the pond and catching another half dozen fish.  Derron meanwhile is catching his share on his new rod after switching to a elk hair pattern.  I had tried a couple different things but nothing worked quite like the yellow humpy. 

We start fishing are way back to the car around 5:30pm each pulling out a few fish along the way.  We get to the bridge and decide to call it last fish caught wins.  Derron casts downstream and gets nothing while I cast to a tiny pool and get nothing.  We move downstream to different pools and I get skunked again while Derron says he caught a fish to win.

We call it day and hike back to the car with renewed faith in Goose Creek.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #4
Fly that worked:  Yellow Humpy