Day 102

Today was a Clear Creek kind of day and Derron and I got out for some afternoon fishing.  It was a cloudy day but still hot and a little breezy.  We arrived at the creek around 12:30pm and started at a new spot for both of us.

I start fishing the near run and see a fish rise but not strike the grasshopper I have tied on.  I see three pools on the far side of the creek and start casting to the middle pool.  A few casts and I have a nice 12" brown for the first fish of the day.  I then cast to the bottom pool and land another brown on the same tan body grasshopper.  As I wade to get to the upper pool I decide to cast along the near bank in some slack water and two casts later I have my third brown of the day.  I get to a spot to cast to the upper pool and sure enough I land my fourth fish in about 20 minutes.  I move downstream a little and try a couple runs with no luck before moving back to the bottom side of the riffles.  I finally see a fish rise and a couple of casts later I have my fifth fish of the day.  Derron meanwhile is throwing a olive body grasshopper and having no luck before he tries a few different patterns with the same results and we decide to try a new spot.

We move upstream and find a spot with a lot of pools and pocket water.  The area looks perfect for me and I find a nice big pool on the far side of the creek to start fishing.  I casts a number of times with no action before I decide to change flies.  After a number of changes and still no luck I decide to take a break.  Derron started just upstream of me and almost immediately caught a fish, which made me think this was going to be a great area.  We both try a number a spots with no luck before we pick up and head further upstream.

We try our normal spot on Clear Creek but as we arrive there is a little thunderstorm.  We wait it out and head down to the creek.  We both try a number of spots with no luck, when I finally hook a fish in the middle of a run.  We fish a little longer with no more luck before we pick up again and head further upstream.

We get to our final spot around mile marker 263 where there is a great section of water.  Derron ties on a #18 parachute adams and almost immediately lands a fish.  I still have have on the hopper and am having no luck what so ever.  Derron catches a couple more before I try a parachute adams myself.  With a bunch of cast and no luck I decideto try a crippled adams to finish the day.  I chose wisely!  A few casts through the run I land another 12" brown to finish off the day.  We call it a day around 6:30pm and head home with another good day of fishing in the books.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  14' Hi -Vis Level Line #3
Fly that worked:  Tan Para-Hopper, Crippled Adams