Day 103

Tried a new spot on Clear Creek today just above the town of Idaho Springs.  Found a nice section right where Fall River comes in that had a little of everything and a lot of pocket water.  I get to the creek around noon on a perfect day for fishing as far as the weather is concerned but the creek is a little stained from the rains.

I tie on a tan parahopper to start the day and cast to a pool on the downside of a big boulder.  Nothing!  I try I few more pools and a run with no luck before I decide to wade across to a far side pool where I suspect is a fish just waiting.  First cast in and a brown is hooked for the first fish of the day.  I switch to a different hopper pattern and cast to some slack water on the top side of a boulder after having no luck in the pool below.  To my surprise a nice 12" brown attacks the fly and I have my second fish of the day. 

I take a little break then move upstream a little to some more pocket water.  I cast to a number of pools with a number of patterns with not much luck.  This is the story the rest of the day only landing three more fish all day.  All browns and all under 10" but I was trying my new Wakata 9' 6/4 rod and it performed great even though clear creek needs a longer rod.

I call it quits there and head down to tunnel 6 and finish the day.  This time I try a number of spots with a number of flies and have zero luck and only a few sniffs of the flies.  After a hour or so with no action I decide to call it a day and head home around 6:00pm

Rod:  Wakata 9'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10'
Flies that worked:  Tan Parahopper, Hopper, Crippled Adams