Day 107

Spent a few hours up on Clear Creek today and tried a few new places.  Started the day throwing a yellow humpy to some pocket water on the far side of the creek.  After a few casts with no action I cast to the bottom of some riffles.  A few more casts with no luck when just before I was ready to switch spots I hook a little rainbow trout.  I continue to work my through the pocket water and runs with a couple of fish moving for the fly but not taking it before I decide to try another fly.  I tie on a olive para-hopper and start casting through the same areas as before.  After a number of casts I finally hook a fish at the bottom of a run.  Turns out to be a nice 13" brown for my second fish of the day.  I fish for another hour or so with a couple of sniffs but no more fish and decide to try a new area.

I move further upstream and try one of the next pullouts.  The water is moving a little faster here but there is some pocket water to be tried.  I cast through a number of pools hooking a couple fish but not setting it.  I fish for about an hour before I decide to try a different spot and move further upstream.

I try one of the spots I have fished many times and know well to try and get another fish.  I try the first couple spots where I usually get a fish but am having zero luck.  I try a few different patterns with no luck before I tie back on the yellow humpy and walk a little upstream.  I cast through a run I have had success in before and sure enough I hook another fish.  This time it's a little brown but it put up a nice fight.  I continue to fish until about 6pm and call it a day with the wind kicking up.

Another great day on the water but tough fishing.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  14' Hi-Vis Level Line #3
Flies that worked:  Yellow Humpy, Olive Para-Hopper


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