Day 110

Derron and I decided to go to the Big Thompson River today and had brilliant weather for most of the day.  We started at a spot we both had fished before and knew where the fish were.  I started the day throwing a purple parachute adams to a pool where I could see four fish moving around.  With no luck I start the process of finding the right fly.  I switch up flies close to ten times with no luck and try a few different spots but still can't even get bite or a sniff.  Derron having the same luck as me wants to move somewhere else and we move upstream.

We stop at a pullout neither of us have been to and try our luck again.  It's miday and I have tied on a flying ant to cast to some pools in the middle of the river.  I try this with no luck and decide to cast along the bank by some bushes and a little slack water.  First cast in I get a sniff from a fish but no takers.  I try a few more casts into the same area with no more action before i move up along the bank and the next bush and slack water.  This time the second cast in hooks a nice 11" brown for my first fish of the day.  I try a few more spots along the bank with no more luck and walk downstream to see how Derron's doing.  With no fish for him and only one for me we decide to move upstream to a spot Derron has had good luck at before.

We stop at an area that has a nice plunge pool and some good runs and pocket water to fish.  I start fishing some pocket water on the far bank that I'm sure holds fish.  With no action to be had I try a few nore spots with the same luck.  Derron still having no luck calls it a day late in the afternoon and we head home after a tough day of fishing.  On a side note, I have never been fishing on the Big T on the weekend and can't believe how crowded the river was.  Still a good day in the mountains and on the water.

Rod: Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #4
Fly that worked:  Flying Ant