Day 108

Mark and Derron were going to Eleven Mile Canyon today and I tagged along.  This was the first time I had fished The canyon on the weekend and it was pretty crowded when we got there.  It was a beautiful day with a little breeze kicking up late and the river was flowing around 170cfs. 

We start the day at a new spot for all of us with plenty of different water to be fished.  I get down to the river first and go to the bottom of a waterfall.  I see a little six foot long pool created by a big boulder on the ledge of the waterfall and decide to see if there is a fish.  I cast out my crippled adams and let it drift across the pool.  Bam!  Second cast and a nice 12"brown snapped it up at the end of the drift.  This was one of the coolest spots I have pulled a fish from so far.  I continue to fish pocket water and get a little rainbow after about a half hour of fishing before I head upstream to see how Derron is doing.

As I walk up to get to where Derron is I cast upstream and then look down to cross some boulders.  As I pick my head up I have a fish on the line.  Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good right?  Anyway, third fish for the day and we decide to move down to the bridge to try our luck.  Derron has three to net using dries and Mark has six or seven to net nymphing with a egg and purple worm.

We move down to the bridge and I start casting to the pool just below me.  After a few casts I hook a nice 12" brown at the end of the drift to start the new area off right again.  I Turn upstream and cast right on the edge of the river bank and hook a little rainbow to make two in my first ten minutes of fishing at the bridge.  I continue to fish the edges and small pocket water with only moderate success when I decide to try a purple parachute adams.  Two casts later I have nice brown in the net and two more casts and I have another brown in the net.  I have found a pattern that the picky fish like finally when the area starts to get overrun by kids and other anglers and we decide to move further downstream. 

We try the same area we finished at last time with a bunch of boulders and pocket water.  I try a few spots where I'm sure there are fish but only get a couple to sniff it.  I try some skinnier water and manage to pull a couple more fish to end the day.  All said and done Derron pulled in around ten fish and Mark caught over fifteen while I caught twelve for myself.  A pretty good day of fishing for all of us considering how crowded it was and a great day overall.

Rod:  Unagi Universal Tenkara Rod 7/3
Line: 12' Hi-Vis Level Line #4
Flies that worked:  Crippled Adams, Purple Parachute Adams, eggs, purple san juan worm,


  1. Jessica in California here. For the integrity of your tenkara blog you should really add some Sierra Nevada fishing stories and pictures. Denver to Reno is pretty cheap on Southwest...

  2. I do have some Bolinas area photos and the last trip where I caught a couple fish at French Lake in the Sierra Nevada area.

  3. Pssshhh. How about a Sierra stream or two...near Truckee.

  4. Not sure how often you read the T-USA forum; I posted this today - wanted you to see it: Today I caught my first fish on a self-tied fly with my homemade tamo! I have caught a few fish in the past mostly due to the help of JD (Did you get my e-mail about your kayak?) and Kevin from Tenkara Rising (best fish pictures on the web), but I have been a slow starter. So just catching any fish is sweet. But a 9-inch rainbow in a tiny creek on homemade stuff is even sweeter. The fly was a punk rock sakasa kebari with ribbing. I swear Prosser Creek must be like 12 cfs right now, but I found a good spot and really used the advice from TN Tom about stealth and focus (from your list of about nine tips). My tamo turned out great: Jeffery pine debarked, tied into shape, and dried for about 6 months. Then cut, tiebond III'd, sanded, tung oiled (7 coats). I tied the net on with some microfilament braided line. I am so happy to be catching fish, and I blame it all on the tenkara community. Thanks all, Dax


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