Day 106

Today was the last day of the camping trip and my fishing consisted of trying the six pools just down from the campsite.  I have on the blue parachute adams and try the pools as I work my way upstream.  With no luck or any action I call it a day after about a half hour of fishing.  I pack up and head back to the car and then start the drive home. 

I decide to stop at Silverthorne and fish the Blue for a little bit before I head home.  I start fishing with a crippled adams and try a few near side pools.  With no action to be had I decide to try a nymph rig using mysis shrimp.  I cast through a few runs with no luck when I come across another fisherman.  I ask him what there biting on, and he says he has been getting action on the surface with a caddis pattern.  I tie on a yellow humpy and cast to a far pool below a rock.  I see a fish move for the fly when the current takes it away.  I try a couple more casts with no luck but I can still see the fish.  I tie the crippled adams on again and on my second cast I get a great drift and the fish so softly sips the fly in.  With lighting fast reactions I set the hook and am waiting for the battle to begin.  Much to my surprise the fish did not put up much of a fight and basically swam over to the net.  I get him in the net and I have landed a nice fat 16" Rainbow in about fifteen minutes of fishing.

I call it quits after another fifteen minutes of fishing with no luck and get some lunch before heading back to Denver.  Best one fish day I have had!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #4
Fly that worked:  Crippled Adams