Early spring fishing on Bear Creek

Went up for the afternoon again to see if the fishing was getting better with the warm weather.  I get to the stream around 1pm and start at my normal spot.  I still have on a midge and rs2 from the previous day of fishing on Bear Creek and cast through the first couple runs with no luck.  I quickly decide to try a different fly and tie on a griffiths gnat.  Within a couple casts I have my first fish, a little brown.  I decide to move downstream after no more fish.

I end up at the corner pool I had luck at the last time I was here.  I cast through a number of times with no luck and decide to try a bwo instead.  Sure enough that got me another fish and couple more hooked.  I try a few more areas downstream with no luck and call it a day. 

Kind of a slow day of fishing on a beautiful day outside.

Rod:  Motsugo 9' 5/5
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Flies that worked:  Griffiths Gnat, BWO