One of my best days on Bear Creek

Had another Thursday off and decide to head up to Bear Creek on a beautiful day.  I get there around 11am with partly cloudy skies but still warm and just a breeze.  I get to my starting point and can see fish feeding on the surface.  I cast through the run but can't get any fish to take the bwo so I change up and try a midge, then another midge and before I finally pick a winner I have tried about ten patterns.  I tie on a crippled adams and first cast out I have a fish hooked.  Finally on the board and the fish are still feeding on the surface.  After catching five more through the run I move upstream to another spot I like.

This next spot is just a corner pool in between a couple logs but always seems to have fish in it.  I cast through a couple times before I finally hook a decent brown.  After spooking the other fish in the hole landing the first one I move upstream to just below the bridge.

I cast out and on the second cast I land a little brown.  I keep casting but am getting sniffs instead of takes.  I can see the fish moving below the surface and decide to tie on a black beauty behind the crippled adams.  What a decision!  First cast and I land a little brown.  With this set up I land a total of nine fish with a couple on the adams and the rest on the nymph.  I managed to catch two rainbow and two browns from this pool in the 12" range, some of the bigger fish I have caught here.

Moving upstream to another of my favorite areas I catch one little brown on the adams before heading back downstream to where I started.  I finish the day off with a couple more little browns to make a twenty fish day and call it a day.  One of my best days of fishing on Bear Creek!

Rod:  Motsugo 9' 5/5
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Flies that worked:  Crippled Adams, Black Beauty