16 fish day at Eleven Mile Canyon

Mark and I headed down to Eleven Mile Canyon for the day with the flows decreasing and the weather warming up we had hoped for a good dry fly day.  We start the day at the normal spot and work our way to a couple of new spots later in the day before ending the day on the dream stream.

We get to our spot and Mark heads downstream while I head upstream.  I tie on a bwo and start casting to a little dark spot in the water where I think there may be a fish.  Bam!  Fish On!  Second cast and I have hooked into a brown to start the day off right.  I continue upstream and manage to catch four more before heading downstream to find Mark.  I meet up with Mark only to find out he has not caught anything, so I tell him to switch to a bwo and I take a little break.  Mark ties on a bwo and has a fish on almost immediately.
Mark continues downstream while I fish just below the bridge and pull in another five along the edges.  Mark ends up catching one more before we take a lunch break and decide to move to a new spot.  We pick a spot we have driven by countless times but never stopped because there always seemed to be people there.  Same as before, Mark works downstream while I work upstream, and just as before I have great luck throwing a bwo to the edges and pools.  Over the next hour or so I land another six fish while Mark tries any number of different setups but can't hook into a fish.
We decide to finish the day off on the dream stream to see if the change in scenery will change Mark's luck.  Mark manages to catch one brown and have another couple on that break off while I got nothing.  I decide to take some pictures of Mark fishing and call it day to actively trying to get a fish.

We end the day around dusk with the wind kicking up and head back to the car.  Ended up being one of my best days of fishing at Eleven Mile Canyon I have ever had.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked: BWO