Cub Creek and a Green Amy's Ant

Had a beautiful day out and Daniel and I decided to head up to Rocky Mountain N.P. to try our luck on Cub Creek.  I figured this would be a great creek for Daniel with the lack of trees around to get hung up on and the fact that I had good luck throwing big dries a week before.
We start the day each of throwing a big green Amy's Ant and work our way upstream.  Not five minutes into it and I have landed my first little brookie of the day.  Having caught a fish right off the bat I decide to turn into a guide for the day and try and get Daniel on some fish.  The day ended up being one of many lessons for Daniel but caught three fish(new record for him) over the coarse of the day.  The one lesson he took to heart was trying to get the first cast into a pool right, so as not to spook the fish or disrupt the pool. 
After working our way upstream and Daniel taking a bang on his knee we take a break and start working our way downstream to the car.  With Daniel nursing his injury I decide to try a little fishing on the way back.  Just as before I manage to land a little brookie first cast in and then proceed to catch another half dozen or so before we get back to the car.

Had a great day in the park with one of my oldest friends on a beautiful day in Colorado.  This is how my time should be spent!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Green Amy's Ant