Lucky 13 on the Cache La Poudre

We hadn't been to the Cache La Poudre River in a while so Mark and I decided to give it a try even with the flows around 1100cfs.  Even though the flows were high they had been going down for a week straight, and the water much clearer than I expected.  We stop off at ST. Petes Fly Shop to pick up a few flies and some advice.  I end up picking up a couple PMX after talking to one of the guys at the shop about what he likes to use when dry fly fishing.  Meanwhile Mark picks up some nymphs and a floating line.
We head up to where we normally start but there is somebody fishing there already so we head a little further upstream and find a pullout.  We choose a spot with a couple of islands and work ourselves around them.  I manage to get a couple after tying on the PMX on the points of the islands before working my way upstream along the near edge.  I get a couple more along the edges before I meet back up with Mark, only to find out he has not had any luck. 

We decide to change spots and drive a little further upstream to see if the fishing will pick up.  Mark works his way downstream while I work up, still using the PMX.  Throwing to the near edge in the slack water areas proves to be very effective for me and I manage to catch another four browns before taking a break and finding Mark.  Catching a fish on Marks first couple casts got him going and he even tried my Tenkara rod in one of the pools after I told him how many fish I had caught.  Unfortunately he did not catch a fish in the pool much to my surprise.  After we take a lunch break we decide to head back to our normal starting point.

With the water open Mark starts at a nice run below some riffles while I continue to work my way up the near edge and fish the slack water.  I give Mark my other PMX I bought before I start but manage to catch a fish at the first spot I try while Mark is still changing up his flies.  I catch another four browns and have one snap me off before I head back downstream to find Mark.  Finding Mark at the same spot but throwing dries and catching fish on a trailing BWO instead of the PMX, amazes me because I was not 50 yards from him catching fish on the PMX.  I cast to the top end of the run below the riffles and manage to catch one more to end my day with a fish. 

After Mark catches a couple more we call it a day and head back to the car with smiles on our faces.  We ended up both catching a number of fish and almost all of them on dries to make this a pretty good fishing day considering  the flows we normally fish at are closer to 250cfs instead of 1100cfs.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  PMX, BWO