Back to the new spot

Decided to go back to the new spot I fished with Mark on Wednesday.  The flows were the same and I had partly sunny skies for awhile, until the storm clouds rolled in.  I start the day around11am at the same starting point as last time.  I am immediately on fish.  I catch ten before the first hour is up and catch 43 when it's all said and done.  That's right, 43 in about 4 hours, with another 14 hooked that got off!  I stop around 3pm when a thunderstorm rolls over the area and head home after a couple pictures.  Great day of fishing!

Rod:  Tenkara USA Iwana 12'
Line:  Tenkara Pyrenees Woven 12'
Fly that Worked:  Amy's Ant


  1. It looks great there. I didn't quite catch where you said this new spot was...

    1. I didn't. Small area and going to keep this one to myself.


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