Williams Fork and the Colorado

First destination of the day was the Williams Fork River.  Mark and I hoped with the rainy weather that it wouldn't be so busy there and gave it a shot.  Best decision of the trip!  We get to the river and we have it to ourselves.  I walk down low and start fishing my way up using a Amy's Ant and a trailing RS2.  After a few holes I finally get a bite on the RS2.  Sip of the fly and I hook into a fat 21" Rainbow.  Thankfully the fish does not run to far and am able to land him on 6x tippet and no net.  With a smile on my face from ear to ear I get back to fishing and work my way up to where Mark is.  Mark is having a great day himself and finishes the area with 8 fish in and 4 over 15 inches.  I sadly don't catch another fish here but still had a great day having the river to ourselves.
We finish the day off on the Colorado River just upstream from the Williams Fork.  I walk down to an island and fish the shallower side while Mark works upstream.  I find a pool where I can see multiple fish feeding and throw the Amy's Ant towards them.  No takers.  I switch to a Griffiths Gnat and start plucking fish out.  I end up pulling seven from here before calling it a day and heading back to camp.  Great start to the trip!

Rod:  Tenkara USA Iwana 12'
Line:  Tenkara Pyrenees Woven 12'
Flies That Worked:  RS2, Griffiths Gnat