Colorado River-Byers Canyon

It has been a while since I actually fished this day.  This trip consisted of four days near the headwaters of the Colorado River with my friend Mark in late June.  We drove up and got to the river in the afternoon.  Our first stop was the Byers Canyon area of the Colorado. 

By the time we start it's late in the afternoon but we find a good stretch of water to fish.  Mark lands a fish almost immediately while I move downstream a little.  I find a stretch where I can see the fish feeding on the surface and start to cast out.  I end up catching three on a size 16 black caddis and have a number of other strikes but no fish.

We call it a day around 7pm with Mark catching four or five and me with three.  A neat little site on the river occurred when I saw a raccoon crossing the river.

Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  12' Riggs Floating Line
Fly that worked: Black Caddis(size 16)