Middle and Upper Conejos River

Day three of the trip we head upstream and fish a section below and above the Lake Fork.  Having no knowledge of the water, we just pick a pullout and head to the water.  The first stop is somewhere below the Lake fork but above the South Fork.

We each pick a spot on the river and then work our way towards someone else.  Derron and mark are into fish quickly while it took me a few different spots before I started getting into some fish.  At this point I think we were all throwing some version of a green drake to fool the fish.  The most successful pattern for Derron and me was a crippled green drake.  The afternoon rains come in  and we decide to drive upstream to the meadows.

When we get to the meadows we find a spot and Derron and Mark head out in the rain to try their luck.  I stay behind in the car and stay warm.  They each catch a couple fish before we call it a day and head back to camp.

Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  14' Hi- Vis Level Line #3
Fly that Worked:  Crippled Green Drake