Lake Fork of the Conejos River

We were told if we walked past rock lake we would catch nothing but rio grande cutthroats.  We head up the trail following the Lake Fork for a mile and half when we come to Rock Lake.  We can see fish feeding and Mark and Derron try a few casts with no luck before we move on.  We walk past the lake and a little man made waterfall and start to fish.

Derron puts his line in the water and immediately gets a cutthroat to take the fly.  Mark has the same result when he tries his first spot.  I get a bite but can't set the hook and miss the fish.  Derron and Mark work above me and have great success while coming through third again made the fishing tough.

A little rain storm hits so we duck into the trees and wait it out.  When the rain stops we get back out on the water.  Derron and Mark walk upstream a ways while I pickup where I stopped.  I now had a section of fresh water to fish and the fishing turned on.  With almost every hole producing a fish I was taking my time working upstream while Derron and Mark made it to the next lake another mile and a half from rock lake. 

I continue to fish the creek while Derron and Mark try their luck at the lake.  They each get a fish at the lake and then head back downstream towards me.  I made it within a ten minute walk of the upper lake before meeting them and calling it a day.

Fantastic day of all cutty's on a small stream.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  12' Hi-Vis Level Line #3
Flies that Worked:  Green Drakes, Caddis, Parachute Adams