Upper Clear Creek

Thought I might try a new spot today on Clear Creek, so I drove up near Empire to see what was available to fish.  I had a beautiful day with just a touch of wind and clear low water.   I start fishing around 10:30am at a pullout I had selected.

As I walk up to the water my hopes get high as I can see a number of spots that I already think I can get a fish out of.  I start throwing dries and don't get anything until I put on this green bodied with a purple wing fly.  First cast out and I have landed a nice 9" brown to start the day.  I continue with this pattern catching a few more before I lose it in a tree.

I work my way upstream catching a fish here and there until I put on a size 14 black caddis.  For the next couple of hours I am killing it with this pattern.  I get to 19 fish caught and I get snapped off and lose my only big black caddis.

I spend the next hour trying different flies to catch the twentieth fish of the day.  After numerous tries I finally get one on a rust colored caddis to make twenty.  I fish my way back to the car and call it a day around 4pm.  Fantastic day of fishing at a new spot!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Fly that worked:  Black Caddis(size 14)