Lower and Middle Conejos River

We finish the trip off fishing a section of the lower and middle Conejos before we take the long drive back to Denver.  We start the day fishing right by our campsite again. 

I tie on a version of the green drake the guy at the fly shop said kills it and start casting.  I start along the edges and see a fish flash at the fly.  I cast upstream of it and it comes up and gets it on the second cast.  I hook into a nice 14" brown and have landed my first fish in less than five minutes.  I work myself upstream a little and see a couple of fish feeding below some riffles.  I cast upstream of them and dead drift the fly until another big brown takes it.  After running me downstream a hundred yards I get Derron to help me land a nice fat 16" Brown.  I continue to work upstream and pick up a couple smaller browns before we call it and head upstream.

We drive upstream to a section above the South fork of the Conejos and try our luck at one of the pullouts.  Mark and Derron both catch a few fish while I get skunked at this section.  I had such a good morning I didn't even care. 

We call it day around 2pm and head home with a fantastic trip in the South San Juans in the books.

Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  14' Hi-Vis Level Line #3
Fly that Worked:  Green Drake