Another cold and windy day on Clear Creek

Headed up to Clear Creek again today to get in as much fishing as I can before winter sets in.  The day was sunny to start with clouds rolling over midway through the day, but the twenty mph winds made casting tough.  I fish a couple spots above Huntsman Gulch with a double dry rig consisting of a red pmx to a purple pmx.

I find a spot in the sun and work my way upstream.  I cast through a number of spots with no luck when I notice some nice slack water on the edge.  I get a good first cast into the spot and see a fish sniff the fly but not take it.  I cast in again and let it set for a couple of seconds when the fish comes up and grabs it.  I little 8" brown to start the day off.  I continue upstream without much success until I get to a set of riffles, which gives up the second brown of the day.  I see another fisherman ahead of me so I decide to pick up and drive downstream a little to a new spot.

I stop just below the first bridge and walk downstream a ways before fishing my way back up to the car.  This section has a few plunge pools and some nice slack water behind huge boulders.  I work my way up starting on the near side then switching to the far side holes picking up a fish about every other hole.  I end up catching three more fish and lipping another half dozen or so before I decide to call it a day with the clouds rolling over and the wind gusting.

Froze my feet and hands but still a good day of fishing!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that Worked:  PMX(red,purple)