Boulder Creek in the fall

I heard that Boulder Creek was fishing well and decided to try it for myself.  I headed upstream from the falls and found a pullout to start the day.  The water was low and clear on a beautiful fall day with just a touch of wind.  I tie on a large green drake to start the day and head to the creek.  Looking over the water I see a few little plunge pools and some slack water behind some boulders.  I cast through the first couple pools with no luck before I cast downstream and see a little flash towards the fly but no take.  I cast out again but this time I twitch it where I saw the fish flash, and boom, I get my first little brookie of the day.  I fish through a couple more pools using the same method and manage to land a little brown before picking up and  finding a new spot to fish.

I drive upstream a little and find another pullout to try.  This section seems to have numerous plunge pools and one bend in the creek.  I walk down to the bottom of the section and work my way back up to the car.  It's midday at this point and I am sticking with the green drake.  Over the few hours I kill it.  On almost every cast I am either getting a fish or seeing some kind of action.  Catching a bunch of browns along with one more brookie and a lone rainbow I was having a fantastic day but still hoping to land a cutthroat to finish off the grand slam.

I pick up again and drive up to Nederland to fish above the lake but when I get there I find a number of other fisherman have beat me to the spot.  I decide to drive downstream and find another spot to fish just below the falls.  I catch a couple little browns before I decide to call it a day of fishing.  I finish off the day taking some photos of the fall colors before heading home.  Another fantastic day on the water!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Fly that worked:  Green Drake