Fall fishing the Cache La Poudre

Headed up to the Cache La Poudre River today to see if the fishing had turned back on after the flood.  I drive up the canyon past the forest fire and stop at a pullout just above Century Park.  It is a cloudy and very breezy day but I noticed quite a few fisherman on the way up.  Never the less, I find a spot to myself for the day and head down to the river.

I tie on a PMX to start the day and walk down a little ways before starting to work my way upstream.  First couple far side slack water areas I try yield nothing, but as usual third one was the charm.  I cast out and see a fish move for it a couple times but does not take it.  I decide to switch to a green Amy's Ant and first cast back into the same area and I have my first brown trout of the day. 

I switch back to the PMX and start working my way upstream.  Over the next couple hours I manage to land five more fish and hook a couple more that got off.  By this time I am at the confluence with the south fork of the poudre, but decide to not fish it because the last time I tried it I had very little luck.  I continue working my way upstream, catching one more before turning around and working the opposite sides of the islands from before.

Working some new areas I finish off the day catching two nice sized raindows on the PMX.  The wind starting gusting a little more and clouds rolled over to make it a little chilly, so I call it a day of fishing and take a few pictures of the fall colors before heading home.

Another good day on the water, even though it was a little slower than hoped.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  PMX, Amy's Ant, Zug Bug