Clear Creek in the Fall

Headed up to Clear creek today to try my luck before the snow comes in.  You would never know the weather was supposed to change with the brilliant 70 degree and sunny day we had.  I start up by Empire and work my way downstream over the coarse of the day.

As I walk to the stream I am spooking little grasshoppers everywhere.  I decide to tie on a parahopper and cast into the first pool.  No luck in that spot or the next couple I try, but fourth spot was the charm.  I cast out a couple times with no reaction on a dead drift and then cast out and twitch the fly a little and, BAM!  fish on and in.  I continue working my way upstream and manage to land a couple more and have a few more hooked but not in.  I pull out three fish and hook another three before picking up and driving downstream a ways.

I find a pullout above Fall River and walk my way downstream a ways so I can fish my way back up.  This section has a few plunge pools and slack water on the sides to try.  I come up on the creek and cast to the near side slack water and twitch the fly a little.  As soon as I twitched it the fish exploded out of the water to take it.  I use this same technique as I work my way upstream and manage to pull in another four before I call it a day and head home.

Pretty good day of fishing in the fall with the aspens changing.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that Worked:  Para-hopper, Royal Wulff, PMX