Bear Creek for the afternoon.

Went up to Bear Creek for the afternoon to see if the fishing had picked up since the last time I went.  I spend the day working downstream of the parking lot and trying to learn the creek again since the flood changed the entire creek.

I start out at a spot where I can see fish feeding on the surface, so I decide to tie on a couple dry flies and try my luck.  I get one little brown on a small BWO and get some more rises but no more fish.  I start my way downstream trying a number of different patterns but can only get the fish to rise but not take the fly.  I finally get to the first bridge and can see a number of fish feeding on the surface.  I cast out and same thing as before, rises but no takes.  After a number of changes in flies I finally put on a Parachute Adams and manage to land another little brown.  I continue downstream to the ponds, or what used to be the ponds seeing fish feeding on the surface.  After a number of casts with no takes but plenty of risers and the day coming to an end I decide to call it and head back to the car.

I ended up seeing a ton of fish feeding but could not find a pattern that would work.  Never the less I had a great day on the water and in the mountains.

Rod:  Motsuga 9'
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that worked:  BWO, Parachute Adams