The Cache La Poudre with a Couple Buddies

Headed up to the Poudre yesterday with Mark and Dan to try our luck.  It ended up just me and Mark fishing while Dan took pictures with his new camera.  We start the day at the normal spot and then work our way up canyon the rest of the day.

I tie on a BWO to a red midge and mark tries a double nymph rig to start the day.  We work our way upstream fishing around a couple islands without a fish between us.  I walk just upstream of the last island and manage to catch a little rainbow on a Rainbow Warrior nymph for the first fish of the day.  Mark heads back downstream to fish a good run where we started and manages to land four fish before we pick up and drive upstream.
We stop at the first section of wild trout waters and see what we can get.  After both of us walking upstream a ways and getting nothing we decide to try a different section upstream.  We find another section of wild trout water with a few pools and a bunch of boulders in the stream.  Mark heads upstream while I head downstream.  I pick up a little brown trout downstream on a black beauty before I start making my way back upstream towards the car.  On my way back up I end up catching a little cutthroat in a pool between boulders on the black beauty.  I try a few more spots with no luck before calling it a day.

Mark finishes the day with seven fish landed and me with three for the day.  Probably could have been a better day but the wind made every cast a challenge.  Still great to be in the mountains and fishing with a couple of good friends.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Purple San Juan Worm, Black Beauty, Rainbow Warrior,