Slow start to a good finish

Today was an interesting day of fishing.  I started the day by driving up Clear Creek Canyon only to find the water really stained.  I figured if I drove up high enough I could get into some clearer water.  I make my way to the turn off for highway 40 and try my luck at some pretty skinny water.  I tie on a couple dries and walk down to the bottom of the section I'm fishing.  I cast through a number of spots with no action or even fish to be seen while I work my way upstream.  After spending a hour or so with no luck and only a couple fish even seen I decide to drive over to Boulder Creek.

I drive highway 119 up to Nederland to see if Boulder Creek is running any clearer and see what Barker Res. looks like.  I get to the creek only to find it stained and shallow above the reservoir.  I start up by the park and work my way down to Barker Res., but did not get any hits or even see a fish.  After a quick look at the almost completely iced over lake and very skinny inlet waters, I decide to drive below the reservoir and see what the water looks like there.

I find a spot up high and try my luck but still can't seem to land a fish.  After a half hour or so I pick up and drive down to Boulder Falls and work my way upstream.  This section is mostly plunge pools and pocket water and runs a little faster than the earlier spots I tried.  A few casts in I have my first little brown of the day.  With the ice broken, I start to catch in every other spot I try.  By the end of the day I have caught a half dozen fish and hooked numerous more. 

I make a quick stop below the falls but find that the creek is stained again from the added water and decide not to fish it.  By this time it's 6pm and I decide to call it a day.  Slow start but turned into a pretty nice day of fishing and a great day in the mountains.

Rod:  Iwana 12'  6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating line 12'
Flies that worked:  Black Beauty