Great day on South Boulder Creek

Another beautiful day in Colorado so I decided to head up to South Boulder Creek for the day and try my luck.  I had read on Rocky Mountain Anglers fishing report that eggs were working along with a number of different midges, so I tie on an egg and a bead head nymph to start the day.  I get down to the creek and decide to try a couple holes up high before walking downstream a ways.

After no luck up high, I walk downstream a ways and try a few new spots.  That ended up being the best decision I made all day.  Over the next couple hours I ended up catching a half dozen fish and hooking a few more.  All on the egg!  I take a little break and walk downstream further than I have ever been and try some more new water.

It's early afternoon by this point and I decide to try some dry fly action after I had a couple fish try and eat my indicator.  I tie on a BWO down to a midge and cast through a couple runs with no luck.  Then I see a little corner slack water spot behind a boulder that i am sure holds a fish.  Two casts later I got my first fish on a dry for the day.  I work my way back upstream and manage to catch a couple more on dries before calling it a day and heading back up the trail.  I get to a section as I walk back to the car that has always been good to me, so I take the rod back out and cast through the pool.  After a couple of fly changes I get a big rainbow to take the BWO.  The only problem was I needed to keep the fish from heading down the cascades at the bottom of the pool, and in trying to work the fish upstream it shook off.

I call it a day after that and walk back to the car.  Even with the last one getting off, I still had a great day of fishing.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that Worked:  Egg, BWO, Midge