Back to Eleven Mile Canyon

Headed back to Eleven Mile Canyon for the day with Mark again after looking at what rivers or creeks might be fishable with runoff happening.  The water levels here had been holding steady around 75cfs for the last couple weeks and the water was gin clear and low.  With the warm weather and cloudy conditions I was hoping to have a great day dry fly fishing, but I guess that is always the hope. 
We start the day at a new spot and spend the first few hours here.  With plenty of really good looking water to fish we both have a tough time finding something that the fish will take.  I only manage to catch one on the Amy's Ant before walking upstream to find Mark.  Mark on the other hand has found a nice run into a pool that has multiple fish feeding on the surface.  We both are trying anumber of patterns and have landed on small bwo patterns.  Mark picks up his first three fish of the day here while I pick up two more.  We spend a good hour here watching fish continually feeding on the surface but not taking anything we throw before picking up and driving downstream to a new spot.
We finish the day at the spot we normally start at hoping our luck would change for the better.  After a lot of work and switching back to the Amy's Ant I manage to land another fish in a small eddy between some rocks.  I take a little break and watch Mark fish for a little bit before I head upstream to finish the day.  I finish at a pool below some riffles where I can see three fish feeding.  After some trial and error I tie on a small bwo pattern and first cast in I land a ice Rainbow to finish the day.
Another great day on the water with Mark who somehow managed to catch one more fish than I did again.
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies That Worked:  Small BWO, Amy's Ant, Extended Body BWO