Eleven Mile Canyon

With runoff starting Mark and I decided to try our luck in Eleven Mile Canyon.  We figured the water would be clear coming out of the dam and the weather was supposed to be good down south.  We get to the creek and the water is low and clear and the sun is out.  We start at our normal spot and move to a few different spots throughout the day on what turned out to be the least crowded day I have spent there.
I have an Amy's Ant on to start the day and get a fish in out of the first spot I try.  I continue upstream a ways and manage to catch one more before heading downstream to find Mark.  On my way I manage to catch a couple more on the black beauty of my hopper/dropper setup.  I find Mark and we take a little break before we start up again and I manage to catch one more before we pick up and move to a new spot.
Over the back half of the day we move to three different spots and we each manage to catch a few before we call it a day around 6pm and head home.  Mark finished with 7 to hand and at least that many on that got off, while I finished with six to hand and probably at least that that were on and got off.
Still had a great day on the river with a buddy!
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that Work:  Amy's Ant, Black Beauty