Half Day on Clear Creek

Headed up above Idaho Springs to fish Clear Creek for the day in the hopes that the higher flows wouldn't effect the fishing to bad.  The water was a little higher and a little stained but not to bad.  I tie on an Extended Body BWO and start working my way upstream.
I cast through a couple spots I normally catch fish at and get no action at all.  I change up flies to an Amy's Ant but still can't get any action so I switch back.  I keep working my way upstream fishing the edges and manage to catch three little browns before heading back to the car.
I drive downstream a little bit and try another section of water I have had good luck at before.  Sadly the same as before the fishing was slow and I only managed to catch one here.  I decide to call it a day after a few hours of tough fishing and head back home.
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly That Worked:  Extended Body BWO