South Boulder Creek

Headed out to South Boulder Creek again since it is the closest stream not blown out by runoff.  The flows had been steady for about a week at around 125cfs and the weather was an overcast day on the verge of raining.  I start the day at a spot just below the bridge and then walk downstream past the picnic tables before working my way back up.

I begin the day by tying on a extended body bwo and cast to a small pool behind a boulder.  It doesn't take more than two casts before I have hooked my first fish of the day.  I throw back in to the same pool and get another before trying the seam.  Surprisingly I hook another in the seam to make three fish for the fist area I try.

I decide to walk downstream a ways and then fish my way back up.  Fishing every spot I think might hold a fish I manage to catch ten more over the coarse of the day.  Most on the extended body bwo but a couple on an Amy's Ant when they just wouldn't take the bwo.

I call it day around 4pm just before the heavy rain came in and head back to the car with a good fishing day in the books.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled:  12'
Flies That Worked:  Extended Body BWO, Amy's Ant