Fishing South Boulder Creek

Headed up to South Boulder Creek below Gross Reservoir for the day knowing it would be one a few spots that would not be affected by runoff.  The water was low and clear running around 100cfs and other than a slight mist in the morning the weather held out and just had a cloudy day.  I start the day with a dry dropper setup but quickly switch to a single dry fly after no luck early.
Trying a couple spots up high I don't get anything so I decide to walk down to the picnic tables and fish my way back up.  I tie on an extended body bwo and get a bite on a far side slack water spot.  As I move upstream I get a few more, but only in water with no or very little current.
I finish off the day at a spot up high where I can see a number of fish feeding on the far side between a couple of boulders.  As soon as I get into my spot to cast I can see a big bwo hatch going off and at least six different fish feeding on the surface.  After switching up patterns a few times I finally land on a Parachute Adams with a yellow but.  With a little persistence and some trial and error on twitching the fly I manage to finish the day off with another five from this spot.

Great day on the water and I only saw one other angler all day!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that Worked:  Extended Body BWO, Parachute Adams