Day 200 of fishing

Mark and I decided to head up to Rocky Mountain N.P. today to see if the fishing had turned on.  We start our day at Moraine Park with the river to ourselves.  I start the day with the green drake and work the edges.  After numerous casts and a lot of walking I finally get a 10" brown to take the fly.  I continue upstream for a while with no luck before turning around and fishing my way back.  I end up catching another 10" brown on the way back on a olive hopper dead drifting the edges.  I meet up with Mark who has caught just one fish, so we decide to head over to Glacier Creek.

We start above our normal spot and find some water to fish.  Over the next couple of hours I manage to get skunked with only a couple of sniffs at the flies.  Meanwhile Mark is getting pretty consistent action and catching tiny fish throughout the day.  We move a little further downstream but the story is the same as the last spot.  We fish for another hour or so before deciding to pick up and head over to the St. Vrain to finish the day.

We get to the St. Vrain and find a pullout with some good plunge pools.  After a half an hour with no action for myself and a few little ones for Mark we call it a day and head home.  Tough day of fishing but nice to be in the mountains with a buddy for the day.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Amy's Ant, BWO(at least for Mark)