Good day on Upper Clear Creek

Got to the creek around 1pm today to clear water and a beautiful day outside. I started up by Empire but planned on moving downstream as the day went by.  I tie on a green drake to start the day and walk to the lower end of the fishing spot.

Two casts in I get a bite put miss the hook set.  I try a few more casts but the hole is dead and move on to the next hole.  I try a few holes with only one fish coming up to even look at the fly before I head upstream to try a run along the edge.  I finally get a little brown to net after a slow start.  I continue working my way upstream but can't seem to find a pattern that will bring consistent action.  I more or less settle on what I started with and over the next couple hours manage to catch around ten fish before moving downstream a ways.

I move to a spot just upstream of Fall River to finish the day off.  I walk once again to the bottom of the fishing spot and work my way up.  Still throwing the green drake, I cast through a couple pools and am only getting sniffs but no bites.  I tie on a size 16 rusty spinner on the back side of the drake and try my luck again.  Bam!  Fish On!  Not two casts in I hook a little brown and think I have found the pattern.  I catch a few more fish, all on the rusty spinner and decide to go with one fly.  I tie on a size 14 rusty spinner and continue to have good success.  I fish for a few hours catching a number of fish before calling it a day.

Another fantastic day in the mountains doing some fishing.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Green Drake, Rusty Spinner