A day on the Fremont River, Utah

I got out early to try UM Creek first before I fished the Fremont to see if I could catch a Tiger Trout.  I try just below Forsyth Res. on a really nice section of water which I am sure holds fish.  I tie on a nymph rig with a zug bug on the bottom and start casting.  I hit a few spots with no luck when I finally get a bite but it comes off as quick as it bit it.  I fish for another hour or so with no action before I decide to quit and drive to the Fremont River.

I try the Fremont above Mill Valley Res. in a fairly flat and open area.  Still nymphing I start casting and moving upstream.  Having no luck I continue to switch up what I'm throwing when I finally hit the winner with a Copper John.  First cast and I have a nice size brown landed.  A couple more casts and I have my second fish of the day.  This continues until I loose the fly in a tree and find out I don't have another one.  I try the zug bug again and manage to pull out a couple more fish.  With more than a dozen fish caught I decide to call it a day after loosing half a dozen flies to the trees.

No Tiger Trout to be had for the day but still great to fish the Fremont River and UM Creek which I had to myself.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  12' Hi-Vis  Level Line # 3
Flies that worked:  Copper John(worked great) and Zug Bug