Morning fishing on Bear Creek

Mark and I decided to head up to Bear Creek around 10am and try our luck again.  We had a very comfortable day with almost no wind.  I tie on a hopper to a bwo to start the day but don't get any action or even see fish feeding on the surface.  I switch up the rig to a hopper to a zug bug about 14" down.
First cast out and I land a little brown on the zug bug.  I release the fish and cast back out a couple more times and I have landed another little brown.  I move downstream through a few different holes and catch close to a dozen more fish before I head further downstream.

I walk downstream trying to find Mark but stopping just before the bridge to try a couple holes.  A drizzle starts but I am still catching fish every few casts so I fish through the temporary rain.  After catching a couple above the bridge and a couple below the bridge I take a little break and go find Mark.

Mark has caught a few fish but still pretty slow for him.  I tell him I have been killing it on a zug bug and give him one to use.  He tries it with no luck, which I can't believe.  We both head back upstream fishing apart from each other.

I am still using the hopper to zug bug set up and catch another dozen fish over the next hour all on the zug bug.  I find Mark again as he is catching a fish on a bwo and see if his day has picked up.  He has caught a few more and tried the zug bug a few more times with no success(still can't believe it).

We call it a day around 2pm with maybe my best day of fishing by numbers I have had at Bear Creek.  I wish they came on dries but 30 fish on the zug bug ain't bad.

Rod:  Motsugo  9'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Fly that worked:  Zug Bug