The Lower Blue River

Went up to the Blue River below Green Mountain Res. today with Mark and Derron.  It was supposed to be windy but down in the canyon the wind was calm and the weather was beautiful.  We arrive around 11am and I start working my way upstream.

I cast through a number of pools and runs with a dry dropper rig but get nothing.  I get to a slack water section of the river and decide to head back downstream.  As I walk downstream I stop to fish a number of different pools and runs when I finally get a rainbow to take the black beauty.  I end up getting a nice thick 14" bow for my first fish.  I continue downstream until I meet up with Derron who has found a great little fishing hole.  After Derron and Mark both pull fish out of this hole I give it a try.  I tie on a pink San Juan Worm after watching them catch fish with that fly and cast out.  Two casts in and I have landed another meaty rainbow in the 14" range.  Everyone having caught fish but with the fishing slow we decide to try a little creek in the area for a change of pace.

We get to the creek and we have it to ourselves.  We work our way downstream hitting numerous runs in pretty cloudy water.  No one gets anything until Mark finally lands one on a purple worm.  I continue with the pink worm and finally get one myself.  I tiny 6" bow that I jerked completely out of the water.  I switch to the purple worm and manage to hook another rainbow.  This time a nice 15" Rainbow Trout with some fight in him. 

With the fishing not much better here and the wind kicking up we head back below the reservoir.  I start in about the same place as before and start casting through a couple pools.  Second pool and third cast and I have hooked another fish.  I get him in and to my surprise have landed a nice 14" brown trout to finish my day off.

We call it a day with Mark and Derron both catching a half dozen fish and me with five.  With all but one being really good size fish I considered this a good day of fishing in one of the more beautiful spots I have fished.

Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Fly that worked:  Pink and Purple San Juan Worm