Fishing Moraine Park amongst the elk

Went up to the Big Thompson at Moraine Park today with Mark to take advantage of a beautiful day.  We arrived around 10am and saw a big heard of elk around the river.  After getting geared up we head to the river and work our way upstream after getting past the elk.

I start the day with a royal wulff to see if the fish will take dries.  I cast through a couple of pools when I get a bite.  I set the hook and pull it completely out of the fish's mouth.  No fish, but am pretty pleased to see the fish rise.  I continue working my way upstream but am getting no action at all.  Meanwhile Mark has caught three on a Pink San Juan Worm.

I find out what he was using and decide to change up to a Red San Juan Worm and a copper john, because I didn't have a pink worm.  I try this for a while and still am getting no action at all.  I look over and Mark has caught another good size brown.  I walk over to mark so he can give me a pink worm instead of the red.  Second cast and I have my first fish of the day(a little brown trout).  I continue casting into the same area to see if I can catch the bigger fish I saw in the hole and within a couple minutes have landed a nice 10" brown on the PINK san juan worm.  I continue working my way upstream and start landed a fish every third hole or so.  I catch three more before heading back downstream.

I work my way back to the car fishing as I go.  I manage to catch another three before meeting up with Mark and heading back to the car.  No dry fly fishing to be had but the Pink San Juan Worm couldn't have worked better.

We try a couple spots outside the park in the canyon with no luck before calling it a day and heading home.
Pretty good day fishing amongst the elk to start and got to see some deer and a big horn sheep to finish the day.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Traditional Tenkara Line 12'
Fly that worked: Pink San Juan Worm(PINK!)