Tough day on Bear Creek

Headed up to Bear creek with Mark today to try our luck at some dry fly fishing.  We got up to the creek around 11am and started upstream of the parking lot.  We fished one of our old favorites to start but couldn't get anything.  It's snowed a few days earlier and seems to have slowed some of the hatches.  We try a couple spots each before moving downstream.

That was just the move we needed because we both got on some fish.  We both got them on BWO's  and worked our way downstream.  After Catching a couple fish below the bridge I move downstream to a little pool I know holds fish.  I cast to the far side of a log to the pool and hook a nice size rainbow.  As I try to get to the other side of the log the fish goes under the log and puts a good bend into the rod.  I pull the rod back to try to get the fish back on my side of the log when I hear a crack and the rod has snapped.  NO!!!  Oh well, not the first rod I have broke.  I head back to the car to get my other rod.

Got the Iwana rigged up and start fishing again.  I head up to the bridge again and put on a black beauty to trail the bwo.  I always have good luck with this setup in this pool and today was no different.  After catching a few little browns I move way downstream to try a few different spots.

I get to the corner hole and start casting to the far edge when I get snagged on a branch.  I walk over to get unsnagged when on my way back across the creek I slip and catch myself on a rock with my rod hand.  When I get back to the side of the creek I notice I have broke the handle section of the rod.  I can see three big cracks running down the side.  No!!!!  I can't believe I have broken TWO rods in one day!  I take this as a sign and call it a day.

Rods:  Motsugo 9', Iwana 12'
Line:  10' Hi-Vis Level Line #3, Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  BWO, Black Beauty