Glorious afternoon on Bear Creek

Had a beautiful day and decided to head up to Bear Creek.  The flows had been consistently dropping the past few days and were around 75cfs for the day.  The creek was a little stained but not bad enough not to try dries. 

I start off with a royal wulff and try my normal starting point.  As I walk up I throw along the bank right below a tiny falls and get a bite but pull the hook out a second later.  I cast through the slow slack water and see a couple fish rise but not take the fly.  I switch through a few patterns with no action before I land on a yellow humpy.  I cast along the bank again in some slack water and twitch the fly to create a little movement.  First cast through a fish moves for it but does not take it.  I try a couple more times twitching and dead drifting with no luck before I cast higher along the bank and hook a little brown for the first fish of the day.

I work my way upstream hitting a few different spots but have my best luck hitting little holes or right along the banks in slack water.  I catch a few more little browns, all on the yellow humpy, by the time I make it just past the bridge and decide to head downstream to finish off the day.

Working my way downstream I don't have much luck until I get to the big pool.  Still throwing the yellow humpy and twitching the fly I manage to catch four more out of this section.  I head further downstream and stop at the corner section.  I try both edges in the slack water and catch a fish on each side.  I head down to the pool created by the tree branch I catch one dead drifting right up against the tree.

It's getting later in the day and I decide to head up to where I started to finish the day.  I get another little brown under the first falls and call it a day around 5pm and head back to the car.  I ended up catching ten or more fish but for whatever reason the fishing seemed slow.  Fantastic day out on the water just the same!

Rod:  Wakata 9' 6/4
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Fly that Worked:  Yellow Humpy