Another great day on Calf Creek, Utah

I start the day the same as the last and try a couple pools just down from the campsite. On the second bigger pool where I could see fish my good luck continued and caught a number of little brown trout.  Because I stayed at the same pool for a while I changed up between A Royal Wulff and a Parachute Adams when the fish got a little picky.

I move downstream and fish a couple more pools where I can see multiple fish.  As before I continue to catch a number of fish in each pool.  By this time I am trying a number of different patterns just to see what they will eat.  At one point I tie on a Amano Kebari and try my luck at a more traditional style of fishing.  To no surprise I catch a few fish while pulsating the pattern and I get a couple as soon as it hit the water.  Felt good to catch some fish subsurface but I am still a dry fly first guy.

I decide to walk up to the falls to finish the day off and cant believe how many fish are in the creek everywhere.  Even at the pool at the falls I spooked a couple 12+ inch fish as I walked up.  Maybe the most beautiful place I have ever fished.

A fantastic day of fishing and hiking in one of my favorite places!

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Riggs floating line 12'
Flies that worked:  Royal Wulff, Parachute adams, Amano Kebari,