Another day on the Blue

With the flows staying consistent and the weather being unbelievable we decided to head up to the Blue River below Green Mountain Res.  As Mark and I arrive we have a beautiful partly cloudy day in the low 70's with almost no wind and only a couple other people in the canyon.

We hike down the hill and head downstream to the pool we had good luck at last time.  Mark has tied on a pink san juan worm and a black beauty and starts casting into the lower section.  First cast in and he has hooked into a big Rainbow.  We get it to net and he has landed a battered 18" Rainbow with chunks of its dorsal fin missing( we thought maybe eagles got it).  Mark catches another before I can change from a purple worm to a pink worm, but now I am ready to go.  I cast through the upper run and two casts in I have hooked a nice rainbow.  After a good fight I get him to net and have landed a nice meaty Rainbow in the 16" range.  We both continue fishing this hole and each pull one more big rainbow out before heading further downstream.

As we walk, we hit most of the deep runs and pools with no luck.  We get to a nice section of deep pools stacked up and Mark hooks into a beast.  After a great fight we get it to net and Mark has landed his second 20" rainbow of the day.  After a little break we head further downstream.

We come across a section where I can see half a dozen fish feeding on the surface eating full size caddis that have been hatching all day.  I switch up to a dry fly rig and start casting.  I get a few fish to nose the fly but none will take it.  I switch up flies a dozen times or more over the next hour, as I can still see all the fish actively feeding, with no luck.  Mark fishing downstream with no more luck than I had heads back up to me and we decide to call it a day here and head to another creek.

We get to a little creek Mark knows from his dad and we work our way downstream.  I head a little further downstream than Mark and find a little section below some riffles and start casting through.  After a few casts I finally hook into a fish.  After a good fight I get him in and it's a nice 16" Brown trout.  Mark headsd below me and over the coarse of the next couple hours catches four more, with another pig of a rainbow to fish his day.

We call it day around 6:30pm with three for me and eight for Mark, but all really good size fish for the both of us.  A fantastic day in the mountains on the water with a buddy!

Rod:  Unagi 7/3
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Pink San Juan Worm, Black Beauty, Zug Bug