Fishing before work

Decided to head up to Bear Creek for a few hours before work with Mark and Derron to try our luck.  We get to the creek around 11am and head upstream of the parking lot.  The day was hot and sunny with just a breeze and the bugs were everywhere.

I start at the normal spot but only get a couple sniffs at the fly.  I move upstream past the fence and start trying to figure out what the fish will take.  After trying a number of patterns with no action, consuming a couple hours of fishing, I finally start hooking into fish.  I catch fish on a few different patterns but had the most luck with an all black royal wulff.

Over the next couple hours I have pretty consistent action but am landing only about half the fish I hook.  Kind of a goofy day of hooking fish and having them come off, but most of it was probably trying to set the hook to early or some other operator error.  I stop fishing having not seen Mark or Derron all day and start walking my way back downstream.  I don't see them and their car is gone so I decide to call it around 3pm and head home to get ready for work.  A slow start but a good half day of fishing before work.

Rod:  Wakata 9' 5/5
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10' #3
Fly that worked:  Royal Wulff( All Black Version)