Fishing the Blue with a new friend

After making a soft plan to fish with Karel Lansky of Tenkara on the fly we decided to fish the Blue River.  We met up around 7am and headed up to the Blue in Silverthorne.  We decide to try just below the dam to start and have heard they just recently stalked 18"-20" Rainbows here.

Karel starts fishing in one of the open spots to be had as do I.  We both find pools holding fish but can't seem to find out what they will take.  I finally get a hookup on a mysis shrimp but it breaks me off a few seconds later.

We both continue working the water when Karel hooks into a big RaibowTrout.  After a quick fight Karel works the fish into my net and has landed a meaty 20" Rainbow to start the day off.  I work myself downstream a little a hook into another big fish.  It runs upstream and leaps out of the water and shakes loose.  We continue fishing until about 11am or so and decide to try another area.

We head into town behind the fly shop to try our luck.  As the report said the river below Straight Creek was a little cloudy.  The water level was still low enough that you had a little visibility so we tried our luck.  As before we had none to speak of unless you include bad luck.  After less than an hour we decide to try the Blue below Green Mountain Res.

After sliding down the hill Karel is ready to fish.  We walk downstream to the hole where I had good luck before.  Of coarse our luck continues and someone is already fishing it.  We stop upstream of the hole and each find a spot to fish.  After numerous casts I finally hook into a nice size Brown Trout.  After a little battle with the fish around a rock and the help of Karel netting the fish I have landed my first fish of the day. 

We continue fishing until around 3pm with no more luck and with the winds cranking up we call it day and head back to the car.  To finish the day off, on our way back I decide to try a different trail up to the car, which takes us two hills over and a good 100' higher than we need to be.  After bushwacking our way back to the car and telling Karel he could punch me if he wanted to for the poor decision, our day has come to an end with one fish each.

Can't speak for Karel, but one of the better days I've had fishing when I am not catching fish.  Good company always makes the day good!

Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  Riggs Nymphing Line 12'
Flies that worked:  RS2, Prince Nymph