Bear Creek afternoon

Got out for the day around noon on a beautiful day for fishing.  I start at the normal spot and within a couple casts I have a fish move for the fly but not take it.  I continue to cast to the same fish and finally get the brown to take the fly.  A nice 11" brown caught on a crippled adams to start the day off right.  I casts through the entire area and manage to pull out another three fish before moving downstream.

I work my way down skipping holes where kids have been playing and landing a fish every so often.  By the time I have worked my way to the second bridge I have caught around a dozen fish on a few different flies but the most action happening with the crippled adams. 

I call it a day around 4pm with another good day of fishing in the books.

Rod:  Wakata 5/5
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line #3
Fly that worked:  Crippled Adams