Day 121

Derron and I decided to try the Williams Fork River today for something new.  We drove above the reservoir but couldn't find a public place to fish so we headed below the reservoir and started from the confluence with the Colorado River.  It's a bit of a walk to the river but we get there to see the river is flowing pretty good.  We didn't check the flows before we left but there had been a huge spike in the outlet flow and the river was running twice as high as the average.

That being said the first hole I try I get a bite but the fish snaps off my fly.  I change up and put a Grasshopper on and try the slack water just below some riffles.  Two casts in and I have landed a nice 12" brown.  This all happening in the first fifteen minutes of the day was the last bit of action I would see all day.  Derron having a few bites throughout the day but no fish is equally frustrated and we decide to pick up and try a section of the Colorado river.

We try a spot just outside Sulpher Springs and find a nice section of water to fish.  Derron gets a fish almost immediately and I manage to get a couple in the first half hour.  Derron moves downstream a little and finds a fantastic spot and pulls out another seven or eight fish.  I move in just below him to try my luck with the dry fly and manage to get a couple more with a few more near misses scattered in.

We had a tough day at the Williams Fork(due to the flows I think) but ended the day right on the Colorado and called it a day around 6:30pm.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #3
Fly that Worked: Tan Para-Hopper